Thoughts on Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand challenges the preconceptions of what is good and what is evil, and makes the best case I have yet seen for purely human exceptionalism. The unlimited potential of capitalism and the free market are pitted against the ineptness and downright stupidity of the centuries of “progress” from feudalism to its unholy offspring, socialism and Marxism.

While Rand denounces the mystics of religion, she equally defames the mystics of muscle, the communists, the strong-men, the tyrants, and “intellectuals” who are somehow smart and privileged enough to negate the incredible benefits of free will and individual rights which the founders of our nation struggled so desperately, yet so successfully, to establish.

For a religionist such as myself, my take is that one must not be afraid of the truth. One must ask the questions of life, and seek their answers through whatever means they have available to them. While Rand discounts the spiritual, I choose not to, and so incorporate my own spiritual understanding into my decision-making process. For me, religion is a means by which man may progress in capability and virtue, and if any particular faith fails in this test, I should be inclined to seek out another.

This is my choice, and I will defend my right to make that choice, for myself, and for my family, and for every other citizen of my great state and my great nation, at all costs. In agreement with Rand, I too believe that free will and with it, the zenith of human achievement, cannot be preserved without a moral compass, viz. a clear delineation of good and evil.

What is good, and what is evil? Ask yourself this question with no reservations toward discovering the truth, and see for yourself where it leads…


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